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Acclaim for “The Delicious Dish” October 3, 2010

“Your food was a hit with those who attended our event yesterday.  There were a number of requests for information on the caterer which I expect we will continue to receive.  And rest assured that we will come back to The Delicious Dish for future events!”
— Joan B., Bedford, MA

“We did not shop around for a caterer for our wedding.  We were sure that we wanted you and no one else.  And I must say we were right on the mark!  We very much appreciated the personal care and warmth you showed us.  Thanks again for making it all seem completely seamless!”
— Joseph B., Roslindale, MA

“Everyone raved about your food and SERVICE!!!  I kept getting compliments on the party and all I did was call you and you managed to make it a complete hit!  Thank you!
— Lesley L., Belmont, MA

“What a fantastic experience to have you!  You were the consummate professional.  Everything was perfect.  The food was delicious. The service was impeccable. I could not have had a more positive experience.”
— Diane C., Arlington, MA

“Your meal was incredible! What a mouth watering, exquisite balance of textures and flavors. We exclaimed over the appetizers, then delved into the smooth, subtle soup, followed by the delicate chicken with its accompaniment of beautiful spring green veggies. The sweetest of desserts was to die for over and over, and then there were all those yummy cheeses and those divine little Seville orange tortas to crunch on. Good heavens, we could hardly move, but we were all so happy and so well satisfied! Many, many thank yous!! We’re your loyal foodies forever!”
— Brenda P., Lexington, MA

“I can speak for the fabulous and extraordinary food that Deb prepares and delivers.  She took care of us during August when my son first came home from a lengthy hospitalization.  My entire family gave her a *****star rating!”
— Debbie A., Lexington, MA

“Deb introduced me to Chicken Marbella (with capers and prunes, unusual and wonderful). And don’t get me started about her BBQ Brisket…”
— Margy Y., Cornwall, VT

“I can personally vouch for lots of the items on the menu. So good luck to you, Deb,and congratulations to those people who find their way to your web site and employ your services!”
— Rodney L., Lexington MA

“For many years my co-workers and I relied on Deb’s cooking talents and menu-planning skills. She’s a superb event planner, and no detail escapes her attention. Her dishes are fresh, delicious, and beautifully plated. Most of all, Deb truly wants everyone to enjoy the party, and her generous spirit is infectious. Her energy, creativity, and dedication to quality make celebrations joyful and memorable.”
— Janet H., Berkeley, CA

“I have always enjoyed Deb’s wonderful cooking.  It is outstanding!”
— Mary K., Lexington, MA


2 Responses to “Acclaim for “The Delicious Dish””

  1. Margy Says:

    Deb cooks great stuff from a wide variety of ethnicities and styles — which makes her food so interesting!

  2. Sandi Peaslee Says:

    Dearest Deb,

    Congratulations on getting back into catering. Your food is “to die for” and I always felt priviledged to partake of your fabulous meals when you invited me for dinner. It was one of the best things about conducting the Halalisa Singers!

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